Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Rating: Insane Advisory. Must be read under the supervision of a lunatic. Extreme discretion advised. Disclaimer: The following text is highly contextual and any resemblance to any person or any incident, no matter how far-fetched, might turn out to be true. I am not responsible for anyone’s psychic powers deciphering the import of the statements that follow

The knight had once desired to njoy during the tutelage he received in Daily-Dally from Hope A. Mar. However, some arcane archives suggest that fate took his bliss to other arcades. Dejected, he went to far-off cold lands of Mighty Mittens. There and thence he was anointed as the generalissimo of the gentlemanly gentry. It is there that he chanced to meet the generous damsel. Smitten by the gentleness of the noble woman, the knight could not fore-see the arrival of the dragon. The dragon, though devoid of any mal-intent, had a prior covenant bequeathing him with the lady’s affection. The woman had to choose one between the two. To the knight’s delight, the woman played true to his hopes.
What transpired there onwards is not for everyone to know. However, the knight did shower many a people with this fable. People such as me, pie’-popper…some needy, some small, and some who entered a shell.

P.S. The disclaimers are not applicable to any of my sort-ofs….and for the umpteenth number of time, the post is not about me. In case any one desires to know the controversial title, a special request needs to be sent to me.