Saturday, January 13, 2007

Anything, but happiness

The event described below took place quite a while back, a day after my last majors(final examinations), to be precise. The precision may not be sharp enough for Homo sapiens not from my college (the name of which I avow never to state). But it’s sufficient to know that it happened “quite a while back” The reason that the event is being described, quite simply, is that it compelled me to write this post.
Majors have a galling tendency of physically restricting hostellers to the confines of hostel(s), institute, xerox shops and Nescafe. Hey, on second thoughts, it’s not that “confined” either(??). Anyway, after seven such trying days, the worst possible place to be is the college itself and that is exactly where I was a day hence. Yes, I know my life appears to be a bit non-happening or un-hep(if that’s a word). Buttttt, this could be attributed to my day-scholar friends, who thought it wiser to savor a day of solitude in their homes in spite of doing the same thing during the majors. “Invigorated and refreshed” is what they feel thus. Luckily, I chanced to meet Pats and Aooooop before it got too late. A unanimous decision was swiftly made: to flee the college.
First stop: Green Park Market
1700 hrs

It’s, without any exception, not a very happening, bustling place. Or, in less disparaging words, GPM is a serene, laid-back shopping block. The long walk from Pizza Hut to the ATM and then, back to MCD (Mc Donalds for the uninitiated, in case there’s any) was not what I had exactly wished for, but the companionship made up for the languid aura the place exuded. After waiting in three separate lines for 7 minutes, three burgers and a coke were ordered and duly served after 19 minutes. Another 20 minutes were efficiently wasted to consume the meager amounts. The last morsels were dearly held on to; and the endeavor to eat them up reminded me of Indian brides being reluctantly sent to their in-laws on M-day. All right, bad imagery...Apologies accepted…..I mean, granted. Aooooop was dissatisfied with the victuals and to date, owes me 60 bucks.
Stop One and a half: Uphaar complex
1815 hrs.
I would suggest Harry Potter fans to either skip this part or lay aside any expectations. I call this part of our excursion as “Stop one and a half” since it formed a small part of the whole thing and was entirely for official business: withdrawing/retrieving/whatever money from an SBI ATM. Another dull place valiantly put up with. Of course, with the assistance of the other two musketeers.
Second Stop: SDA
1900 hrs.

Pats, the expert bartender, makes Aooooop an offer he couldn’t refuse and we ended up in Masala Junction. Pats offered to demonstrate his alcohol-concocting prowess and share a drink with Aooooop. Aooooop shied away at first and then, acquiesced, reminding me, peculiarly, of a betrothed girl. Masala Junction is not a bad place to dawdle after putting one’s legs to test for three hours. Soothing ambience, a friendly waiter/bartender/whatever, propinquity with our college and above all, discount for Homo sapiens from our college.
Drinks were ordered by the dexterous Pats, which included a mock tail for an amateurish me. Is “mock” tail a pun, contrived by alcoholics?? Anyway, Aooooop subjected his drink to the same treatment that Punjabi truck drivers give to Lassi, much to the disapproval of Pats. Candid discussions, a fundamental feature of the activity of wasting time over a table of drinks, soon followed. As is the custom; inconsequential, exhaustive dissection of all unimportant issues was done. An innocuous question sprang up from Pats, “Is there anything in the world, which can leave you completely contended….or happy?” Ahem….I think over the kazillions of options and promptly eliminate each one of them. A terse reply, “Nope, I would still want more.” Pats was even quicker to retort, “Tu bauhaut jaldi buddhha ho jaayega.” Aooooop smirked and nodded hid head in approval. I twitched me eyebrows in protest…that’s usually the minimum I do to protest.
2100 hrs.
I decided that I was not getting old. I came up with a list of things that give me even a moment of joy, if not ever-lasting happiness. If there’s a female Homo sapiens reading this post, my suggestion would be not to get an idea from the list. It may not be applicable for all male Homo sapiens. The list is still incomplete and is not arranged in any sort of preference.

1) Tasty, filling, sumptuous food. If it’s home-made, then all the more better.
2) Complements, big time. Especially being called ‘cute.’ I crave for attention and praise. A weakness, I agree.
3) Meeting friends after a long time.
4) Good academic performance.
5) A smile.
6) Kids.
Maybe, eternal happiness is just a concept. It’s the smaller moments of ‘bliss’ that we should look out for, cherish them and let them stay. Hope doesn’t spring eternally, but is nurtured by these pearls. Make a list of your own and see if it makes a difference.


I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve….” (;Bilbo Baggins)
-J.R.R. Tokien
(The Hobbit )

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